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ITMedia Consulting is a research and consulting company working in the field of digital content and media.

What distinguishes the company is its international dimension; its distinctive feature is its focus on the digital transition, content accessibility and convergence between media - internet - telecommunications.


ITMedia Consulting has improved its expertise by working with operators - incumbents, new entrants and regulators - on international markets and proposing itself as point of reference to face challenges of the digital environment and convergence.

An innovative approach, highly-skilled top management, an international dimension, its reputation and independence enable ITMedia Consulting to offer high-quality customized services, targeted to specific client needs.


turning_digital_2005Released on April 12nd, 2005

After the first signs of recovery, in 2003, when the turnover of the industry had grown by 3%, now it seems as if the market has started again with the ancient pace. In 2004, TV market revenues grew by 6% as a whole, thus accounting for slightly more than € 74 bln. That’s definitely more than the euro-zone inflation rate, that is 2.4%.

Italmedia Consulting is proud to present its third Annual Report: Turning Digital: Competition among platforms, to be released on April 12. A unique appointment for decision makers and professionals in the media and digital content sector.

Every year ITMedia Consulting publishes a multi-client research exploring the hot topics in digital communications.
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