"Turning Digital. Hybrid TV drives the transition from broadcast to broadband

Release date 16 June 2010


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The new report is the eighth in our series and provides an in-depth, up-to-the-moment analysis of the evolution of the TV industry in Western Europe, packed with all the essential data you need on the topic.

This indispensable and detailed study analyses the impact the economic crisis had on the TV market last year.

We examine the strategies TV operators have used to try to limit damage from recession. Many important changes happened in 2009:

  • Pay-TV revenues finally outstripped advertising revenues, becoming the first revenue stream in the European television market.
  • For the first time in recent years, the European television market reported a 3,1% decline, compared to 2008.
  • For the first time, advertising revenues reported a double-digit decline in the Big Five countries.
  • For the first time, digital terrestrial television households have overtaken digital satellite households.

Key features of this 68-page report also focus on the following sections:

  • The TV Market in 2009
  • The Multichannel Television Market
  • Digital Television in Western Europe
  • The Digital Switchover Process
  • Hybrid Television
  • Connected TV and TV Widgets
  • Over-the-Top Services
  • Multiplatform TV
  • 3D TV
  • TV programming online
  • The Online video copyright debate
  • And much, much more!

Why should you get your own copy of the report?

In 2010, no TV player can afford to miss this study because, among other issues, this report examines:

  • How has the European TV market performed during the economic crisis?
  • Who has grown? Who has failed to limit damage?
  • What strategies will players adopt for the coming years?

You will find the answer in Turning Digital, the ITMedia Consulting Annual Report.

This is one of the most comprehensive TV industry reports available, offering you a complete snapshot of the current state of the Western European television market, including a complete analysis of the evolution of TV content delivery methods and new challenges waiting for the players involved.

Who should read the report?

  • Any company wishing to gain competitive advantages in a highly aggressive TV world
  • Industry consultants
  • Analysts
  • Regulators, decision makers and people of influence in the Media and Telecom industries


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