Free-to-air channels are among the leading contenders to be awarded capacity in the latest tender for digital- terrestrial capacity in Italy.
Agcom, the communication regulator, is tendering 40 per cent of the digital-terrestrial multiplex capacity now operated by Mediaset, Rai and Telecom Italia Media to allow new entrants onto the platform.
"We looked for proposals that had a solid economic base and [companies that] knew how to run channel effectively", said Augusto Preta, ITMedia consultant and a member of the panel that assessed the bids.
[Applications for three Disney channels] ranked joint ninth with the cannels proposed by AirPlus, the Scandinavian group that invests in digital-terrestrial television.
Preta said Agcom would decide whether to choose a mixture of Disney and AirPlus channels.
"If Agcom wants both companies than they will have to choose the channels", said Preta. The regulator should announce a decision at the end of August.

New Media Markets, 8 August 2008
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