The 16th edition of ITMedia Consulting Annual Report

23 October 2018

  • Even in 2017, after 2016, European economies are still showing signs of recovery. In this context, the television market in Western Europe is slowing, growing at a rate lower than inflation. All this in a highly differentiated context at the geographical level and in terms of allocation of resources..
  • Pay-TV remains the main resource and continues to drive the market. It continues despite many contradictions in the growth trend, thanks also to the contribution of on-demand services. TV advertising, on the other hand, shows a slight decline, mainly due to the ever-increasing impact of internet and online services. The fee remains stable overall, despite changes at the national level.
  • The possibilities of vision expand, new technologies such as blockchain represent the main drivers of change. Increases the impact of the new frontiers of customized advertising in the television world, which also shows a strong consolidation in terms of mergers and acquisitions, supported by strong investments in the contents of original productions.
  • In this context, online advertising becomes significant in the mix of resources linked to advertising, especially in light of the ever-increasing relationship between video streaming and live offer (sport in particular), as experimented on the occasion of the last FIFA World Cup.


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