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Mapping of licensing systems for audiovisual media services

The new European Audiovisual Observatory Report was prepared for the European Commission under the Creative Europe Programme. The Italian submission was provided by Ernesto Apa, Partner, Portolano Cavallo, and Augusto Preta, Senior Partner and Founder, ITMedia Consulting.

mapping of license

This study aims at analysing the various media literacy initiatives on a national or regional level in order to provide an overview of what is currently being undertaken. This is the first major mapping exercise to survey the field in Europe. Most areas of the media sector are well explored when it comes to national legal frameworks, and many of them are also well covered by comparative research.

This is the case of various topics, ranging from the protection of minors and consumers, the fight against hate speech, and the promotion of European works, to media concentration and media pluralism, the independence of regulators and cooperation between them. In the case of the licensing practices of audiovisual media services, it is not easy to find work on the subject. This has allowed us to identify trends, gaps, and loopholes, but also best practices and good examples of what has been put in place by each member state with regard to spelling out the procedural rules to be followed by audiovisual media services providers wanting to offer their services in a given country.

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